A Full Combat Mini – Roleplaying game
By Curtis “Wolf” Helser

Welcome to the world of Battlelords.You have entered a realm of excitement and danger.Battlelords is a simple game to play and DM as well.It is a full combat game where you can run into anybody and anything.The game starts off as your characters are in the main lobby,a room whose size is beyond measure with millions of people in it.In here you can meet anybody;Conan,Darth Vader,The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cylon Raiders, Wolverine, The Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Batman, The Predator, Underdog, ALIENS, etc…

You can find and talk to anybody you can imagine.

Before you go into the arena each time you are given the opportunity to use the Battlelord Main Computer.At the computer you may ask for any weapon, equipment, or other device although the more advanced the device the less of a chance you have in obtaining it.Once you have all your weapons and equipment you enter the elevator to the arena and pick a color,unfortunately you don’t get to know what color means what difficulty so you must make a guess each time. Also,the elevators don’t always work and you may end up in another level than the one you picked.

Once you are on the arena,the rules are simple…Survive!

You and your team if you have one must survive 10 rounds in the arena,but don’t worry if your killed,your just sent back to the main lobby. While in the battlelords arena your character is immortal…it still hurts,you just keep coming back.If you survive then you get a cash bonus to your characters account to which you can buy Cyberware, Genetic enhancements, Special enhancement drugs, Magical Tattoos,Magic Spells

Beware! if you have entered the arena with other characters and are not on contract with them as a team you may be killed by them for experience just as any other monster.You may also hire Mercenaries at a cost,to go with you on your run to insure your survival.